5th Grade Student Quotes

5th Grade Quotes

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Why HCES? HCES is our family. We accept people’s differences, it doesn’t matter how different. Also, our friends are always there to help us out. It’s a place where you can worship God freely without judgment. The teachers are always there to help you out, whether you are struggling in a class or you are not feeling well about some friends you have. The teachers are dedicated to helping you, no matter what circumstance. God is there guiding you through the day, always. - 5th Grade Student

This place is like my family, they accept you no matter what. This is my second home. Also, your background doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter where you go after where you were before. They make the difference.  - 5th Grade Student

I come to HCES because Holy Comforter has this connection that brings friends together. I have been coming here since PK4 and I have made new friends that will always be with me. HCES is like a home that you can come to anytime. Young or old. Big or small. HCES will accept you no matter how different you are. Do you know that feeling when you go somewhere new and you feel happy. That is the feeling you get every day at HCES. That is why I go to HCES.  - 5th Grade Student

Holy Comforter is basically a home away from home. I am blessed to go here because Holy Comforter has really nice friends and teachers. HCES is also great because they accept differences. We also have fun days, and everyday is new. Holy Comforter is caring and loving, like one big family. It is also a place to worship and connect with God. That is why I go to Holy Comforter. - 5th Grade Student

I love HCES because you are always part the HCES family, you get an amazing education, you are a child of God and no matter what happens to you everyone puts you in their prayers, it is never boring, and the teachers are the best you can ever get. I have gone here ever since PK4. HCES is a great school and full of amazing people, teachers, and so much more.  - 5th Grade Student

HCES is so amazing and I love that my parents sent me here. I love how we go to chapel three times a week and it is always fun learning more about God and how to live like Him. I love how we learn a lot but still have time for fun, even though learning is not always fun. I love how fortunate I am to have such great teachers that teach me great things.  - 5th Grade Student

I go to HCES because everyone is so kind. HCES is full of kids that want to be friends with you, eat lunch with you, and include you on the playground. When I was new to HCES everyone was so kind and wanted to include me. I am glad I came to HCES.   - 5th Grade Student