Dear Middle School Parents,

Welcome to the Middle School! HCES has long been recognized for the outstanding education each child receives during their time on our beautiful campus. We have created an extraordinary program for our students and continually work to make each child’s middle school experience one to remember. As a team of talented and creative educators, we strive to address each of our student’s academic, social and emotional needs and prepare them thoroughly for the opportunities and challenges beyond middle school.
We are first and foremost an academic institution and maintain a strong focus on learning and the development of essential skills. We hold students to high standards in the core academic subjects, and our alumni consistently report they are well prepared to pursue the most rigorous  courses of study in high school. We are increasingly emphasizing 21st Century Skills (Communication, Collaboration, Creativity & Innovation, Critical Thinking & Information Literacy) and are taking bold steps to ensure that our students are prepared for the challenges of a world that is undergoing a period of unprecedented change. Our STEM curriculum and our one- to-one laptop initiative are instrumental in preparing students to access, organize, manage and communicate information in sophisticated and meaningful ways, and help students build skills that will be essential to their future success.
To complement our core academic program, we have an incredible variety of electives, clubs, activities and experiences lined up for our students, which afford them the opportunity to explore areas of interest as they continue the process of self-discovery vital to this age. Students may investigate traditional topics like drama and music through our electives program, but also have the option to try their hand at the stock market, personal finance, martial arts, forensic science, architectural design, public speaking and many others. Additionally, our students participate in exciting beyond the classroom experiences as a part of our WithOut Walls (WOW) curriculum. Through a series of guest speakers, projects, in-school activities, and class trips to Washington DC (8th grade), SeaWorld (7th grade,) and the Kennedy Space Center (6th grade) WOW  engages students in deeper experiential learning designed to develop environmental awareness and allow them to gain a greater understanding of their part in a global community. Finally, dances, team sports and other social events round out our program to give students an exceptional array of opportunities to uncover their interests, talents, and passions.
As an Episcopal school, our mission and philosophy are rooted in the values, beliefs and traditions of the Christian faith. In our advisory program known as TARGET, students attend Chapel, participate in Bible study and prayer, share their faith through local and global service projects, and engage in a wide range of team building, reflection and self-exploration. Through TARGET, we aim to build study skills, character, introspection and tolerance, and in doing so, clear pathways for our students to truly unlock their potential.
We are excited to work in partnership with you and look forward to using our time and talents to ensure your student maximizes their educational opportunities, expands their horizons, and has a memorable and middle school experience.

Amy Vernon
Head of Middle School

Middle School

  • Rigorous academics engage students in meaningful, relevant learning experiences
  • Students learn through tackling difficult, multi-faceted questions through STEM, understanding how technology can be utilized as an effective learning tool and developing the 21st century skills of communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and information literacy
  • Advanced Math, Physical Education/Health, and Foreign Language classes provide opportunities for earning high school credits.
  • Week long classes during ACE week focus on careers and how they relate to class work
  • Over 20 elective classes offered ranging from theatre to the stock market
  • A varied clubs program enables students to explore the creative, athletic, intellectual, and artistic aspects of their developing persona
  • 11 organized after-school sports
  • National Junior Honor Society
  • TARGET Advisory program helps students develop a clearer understanding of who they are through participation in self-discovery activities, instruction in specific life skills, religion class, small group discussion and service opportunities
  • Chapel designed for Middle School students, Bible study, weekly devotions
  • Kindness, service, patience, humility, generosity, altruism, self-reliance and individual responsibility are themes that are infused into every aspect of student life
    • Amy Vernon, Head of Middle School, Holy Comforter

      Amy Vernon, Head of Middle School, Holy Comforter

National Junior Honor Society

Middle School students at Holy Comforter have the opportunity to join the National Junior Honor Society, a leader among educational organizations and societies that promotes recognition for middle level students who reflect outstanding accomplishments in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship, and character. Click here to learn more about how your child can be a part of NJHS.
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