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Mrs. Malone's Story

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After teaching in Georgia for five years and moving throughout Florida, my husband and I settled here in Tallahassee.  With our first child, Davis, on the way, I was excited to stay home and be a mom. Soon we were blessed with another son, Bennett. With a new baby at home and our oldest son ready for preschool, it was time to find a school home. As an educator, education has always been, and continues to be, a top priority for our family. We did our homework, just like any other parents, though we were not from Tallahassee and didn’t know the city very well. We talked to friends and heard so many wonderful things about Holy Comforter. I called Nena, the admissions director, and set up a time to come tour HCES. When I arrived on campus, I immediately felt welcomed. As I walked through the courtyard and down the hallways looking and hearing all of what was going on around me, I felt myself saying, “Yes, this is where I want my child to be. This is where he will be loved and where he will learn and have the opportunity to learn all that he can. This is where he will be safe. This is where he will have the opportunity to grow and be encouraged to be anything he wants to be. This is where he will learn how to live his life through Christ.  This is our school home.”

After sending Davis to school at HCES, I enjoyed being a mom and part of the Holy Comforter community. It was always a highlight to attend events on campus and special days that celebrated my child and his class. The teachers here inspired me, as they still do today.   It wasn’t long before I felt the tug to get back into the classroom doing what I loved. Wouldn’t it be a blessing to go back to teaching in such an extraordinary place that my family and I had grown to love? My prayers were quickly answered. I was not only able to send my children to the place we call home, but I was welcomed as an educator to so many wonderful children. I have served in different roles here at the school, and have settled into the position as the Lower School STEM teacher for the past 3 years.
Holy Comforter truly helped my family plant roots here in Tallahassee, making this special place our home.

Suzanna Malone, Lower School STEM