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Mrs. McCann's Story

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Like many others, my journey at HCES began as a search with my husband, John, for a special school experience for our boys.  Having worked in public schools as a counselor for over 10 years, my first thought was to send our children to our local public school.  A friend at my children’s preschool insisted that we take a look at Holy Comforter, and so began our relationship with the school. Holy Comforter became a school home for our children and a special place that I would professionally call home as a counselor.  Currently in my tenth year as a counselor at Holy Comforter, I cannot imagine anywhere else I’d rather be. It is on this campus that I have been able to work as other school counselors only dream of : with collaboration, low student:counselor ratio, minimal paperwork, and genuine relationships with students, teachers and families. For our children, John and I cannot envision a better place to prepare our boys to be advocates for themselves and their future.

As a school counselor, it is rare to find a position that affords the opportunity and time in the school day to forge personal relationships with the families I serve. I have found this at Holy Comforter. My work is a collaborative effort with fellow faculty members, administrators, and parents, allowing the students opportunities to unlock their unique gifts and challenge students to grow in a supportive and caring environment.  Through guidance lessons, individual problem solving, counseling, and advisement, I strive to foster a relationship with every student so that I can celebrate their successes and help them through times of growth. Students at HCES are encouraged to take academic risks, accept responsibility for their actions, and discover the talents that make them unique. My role allows them these experiences with personal guidance and nurturing support along the way.

In addition to the professional assets, Holy Comforter has touched my heart in a personal way as a parent.  When John and I enrolled our boys here, little did we know the huge impact it would make on them as they move beyond their years at HCES. We chose Holy Comforter through what we saw it could offer our young boys: caring teachers, challenging academics, faith-based atmosphere, and warmth.  Little did we expect the enormous impact it has made to shape and deftly prepare their character, their ability to think and their confidence, molding their experiences in high school and beyond. We are truly grateful to the teachers, staff, and administrators who have taught them well and continue to show interest in their development.  

There is a unique feel to this campus that is difficult to pinpoint.  However, I believe the relationships I have found on campus are the foundation on which much of the special feeling is built. All the tangibles and intangibles that make up Holy Comforter have had an immeasurable impact in my professional life and a foundation on which my boys will build upon for years to come.

Beth McCann, Lower School Guidance