Strategic Plan 2018-2023

Holy Comforter Episcopal School believes that each child is a unique creation of God. Our mission is to nourish the spirit, challenge the mind, and strengthen the body in a Christian environment, encouraging each child to achieve his or her maximum potential as a contributing member of society.

Dear Holy Comforter Episcopal School Community,

It is with great pride that we share with you the culmination of an entire year of work completed by the Board of Trustees, parents, faculty, alumni, and administration in our new Five-Year Strategic Plan 2018-2023. Working together, we produced the final plan and it was approved by the Board of Trustees in May 2017. The focus of the new Strategic Plan is on five specific areas that will serve as our road map during the next five years. The focus areas are: Academics and Learning, Advancement and Growth, Athletics, Finance and Sustainability, Spiritual Life and Episcopal Identity.
As with any successful planning process, we began with a review and reaffirmation of our mission. Holy Comforter remains committed to its vision of developing students, lifelong learners, and productive citizens. Providing academic excellence in all disciplines, while embracing the development of the whole-child, continues to be the driving force behind what we do as educators each day.
While reaffirming Holy Comforter Episcopal School’s tradition of educational distinction, we must also continuously look for ways to enhance and develop programs to best prepare our students for their future. By all measures, our students will be competing and living in an increasingly diverse, global community. Preparing students to appreciate, respect, and understand such a community is essential if we are to develop future citizens and leaders of the world.
As we prepare to implement this ambitious plan, we know that the key to Holy Comforter Episcopal School’s success has always been its people – faculty, students, alumni, parents, grandparents and friends – working together as one community. We are excited about the outcome of the strategic planning process and are delighted to share the results with you.
Thank you for your partnership and continued support.

Vince Russo
Strategic Planning Committee Chair
Peter Klekamp
Head of School

Steering Committee

Vince Russo, Chair
Peter Klekamp, Head of School
Brenda Hagen, Lower School Head
Amy Vernon, Middle School Head
Fr. Jerry Smith, Rector
Sara Bayliss 
Brett Ewing
Eva Fernandez
Sal M. Blandino, Ph.D
Jimmie Davis 
Christy Neal 
Ashley DeGuire
Elizabeth Hightower
Dixie Folsom

The Process

The strategic planning process began in the Fall of 2016 with an in-depth assessment of the School’s strengths and challenges, and it continued until May 2017, under the directive of the Board of Trustees. The steering committee met with SAIS to define initiatives for the creation of the Holy Comforter Episcopal School 2018-2023 Strategic Plan. Led by the Steering committee, five task forces – made up of 32 board members, parents, faculty, staff, and alumni – assumed the responsibility of distilling the information brought forward. The five categories of focus included academic program, athletics, advancement and growth, finance and sustainability, and spiritual life and Episcopal identity. Committees met to brainstorm characteristics and attributes that should evolve to create an overlaying “theme” that should exist by the year 2023. The Subcommittees reported to full-Steering Committee in March and the draft Strategic Plan was reviewed in April. Presentation of the completed Strategic Plan to the Board occured on May 2, 2017.