The Blalocks

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"We became a part of the Holy Comforter family when our older daughter entered PK3. We were initially drawn to the beautiful campus and the welcoming and professional teachers and staff. During our first campus visit, I remember being impressed by the excellent manners of two middle school students who stopped to ask us if we needed help with directions.
As our daughter approached kindergarten, it was important to us that she attend a school where the teachers had a positive work environment and the ability and freedom to be creative and make decisions based on what they saw as best for the children. We also didn’t want her time at school to be wasted - we wanted to know that she was busy learning, playing, and just engaging with her teachers and classmates. We had witnessed these things at Holy Comforter. We also loved that it was a small, but not too small, school and that it encompassed preschool through 8th grade.
Now that we have been a part of Holy Comforter for almost five years, with children in PK4 and 2ndgrade, I would say that we found what we were looking for, but also so much more. There was the phone call from Mr. Klekamp and the get-well video from her teacher and classmates when one of our children had to be in the hospital for a few days. It's the comfort and fortitude found in praying for our school and its people with other parents. It's the special traditions throughout the years - chapel, the sock hop, Kindergarten Circus, Daddy Daughter dances, and so on - memories we will forever cherish. It's the teachers and staff members who have recognized particular interests or characteristics of our children, and gone out of their way to encourage them and communicate with us. Children at Holy Comforter are really “known” in a sense, and appreciated for who they are as people. They seem happy to be there. We value the strong sense of community, wholesome atmosphere, and high level of parent involvement, as well.
I asked my children what they like best about Holy Comforter:
Anna, 2nd grade, said the library, because there are lots of good books and it’s quiet. Eleanor, PreK4, said the playground, especially the swings and the balance beam. Both girls agreed that they love the teachers because they are nice and they make things fun!"

- Jennifer Blalock with husband Adam and daughters Anna '23 and Eleanor '26