The Fernandez Kids

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"Our HCES journey began when my husband and I were looking into middle school options for our eldest daughter. She had been a strong student in elementary school, and our only real criteria at that point was a well-designed curriculum that would challenge her academically and prepare her for advanced courses in high school. We began looking during her fourth grade year, and our considerations included both public and private school options.

We had gradually come to know Holy Comforter over the years through friends whose children attended, as well as the repeated known successes of HCES alumni. Holy Comforter was on our preliminary list of middle schools, but with three younger siblings following closely behind her, we knew the financial commitment could be a challenge in the future.
When I first contacted Holy Comforter to learn more, I was immediately struck by the warm professionalism of the administration.  When I arrived on campus for a tour, I witnessed how that warm professionalism permeated the entire community.  As I walked through the halls and visited classrooms, I quickly became enamored.  I saw teachers speaking to fully engaged students; I saw student work of impressive quality pinned up in the hallways; I encountered several students who welcomed me to their school; and perhaps most noticeable of all was the general sense of happiness everywhere I turned.
After touring Holy Comforter, our criteria for a middle school expanded to include more than just academics.  We realized that the learning environment was of equal importance.  We not only wanted our daughter to learn, we wanted her to enjoy learning, which is exactly what I saw happening in each and every classroom I visited at Holy Comforter, regardless of grade level or subject matter.
After allowing all the information about the various middle schools to set in, we realized we had a big problem.  Not only had we found the perfect middle school for our daughter, but we had also found the perfect elementary school for our three younger children.  Since sending all four children to Holy Comforter at one time was not what my husband and I had previously discussed, we needed to figure things out.  If we followed our hearts, our finances would certainly be tight.
My husband and I have always maintained, though, that the two best gifts we can offer our children are faith in God and a sound education.  We found both of these to be present and thriving at HCES.  Therefore, after much thought, prayer and discussion, we decided to do whatever was necessary to make HCES our school for the entire family.  In short, what began as a hunt for a middle school for our eldest daughter turned into a full family transfer.
As our first day of school at HCES approached, we could hardly contain the excitement we felt for our children and the wonderful opportunities that were in store for them.  Naturally, though, we worried how they might fit in as new students in classes where the majority of the children have been there from the beginning. However, not only did our children settle right in and make new friends, but the parents were just as welcoming and ready to establish new friendships with my husband and me.  Needless to say, we instantly felt part of the HCES family.
We are now in the third year of our HCES journey and our high expectations have been far exceeded.  The love and support felt between the administration, faculty, parents and students is a defining characteristic of our school. Moreover, the academic progress and character development of each of our children have been awe-inspiring.  They have learned so much in such a short time.  So, when people ask me how we like HCES, I say, "We love it!"  And when I say "we," I mean all of us: my husband, me, and each of our children.  We honestly could not be happier.
I have come to realize the greatness of a journey can be determined by the sadness you feel when that journey is over.  Our eldest daughter's HCES journey will end next year when she moves on to high school, and although I am confident she has been fully prepared, I know she will miss this uniquely all-around loving and supportive environment.  Thankfully, our youngest child's journey is just beginning, and as a family, we have many more years at HCES to come.
Perhaps what I am most thankful to HCES for is giving me the opportunity to enjoy these years with my children.  Having such complete confidence in HCES, I do not worry about my children's future.  For, I know they will enter high school with faith in God, a sound education, wonderful friends for life, and fond memories of their primary school experience."  - Bobbie and Segundo Fernandez (Diana '18, Sarah '20, Henry '21 and Peter '23)