The Harrells

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For our boys, HCES was a foundation. A platform which would enable them to find and launch their own successes. Our boys have been blessed to be able to attend HCES.

From day one, they were met and nurtured by loving teachers - often over qualified - but caring, dedicated teachers who pushed and challenged them to be their best academically and personally.  To not only know the answer to the equation, but to know empathy, show compassion and find inspiration.

As parents, we seek to provide our children a solid foundation that gives them the confidence, the security and the tools they need to succeed.

In today's world of political correctness, it is nice to have a place where children can explore their own beliefs and convictions in a safe, spiritual environment. It gives them greater confidence in who they are and what they can become when given the right tools.  

We believe that HCES has this unique ability and distinguishes itself because of its rigorous academic programs in a Christian environment.

As a non-Episcopalian and public school grad, I was anxious as to the parochial aspect of the school. But I learned quickly it is the secret sauce. Just visit a chapel and you will see. When the innocent young voices unite in song or eighth graders stand to tell "what I believe", there are few dry eyes to be found and what makes this place so special is divinely apparent.

Today's public school environment can often hinder the ability of educators to tackle difficult life issues. This doesn't mean that students don't face them. They just go unanswered or left for another time.

Because HCES can use all the tools in our faith based setting, students grow up with an incredible sense of security that comes from a strong foundation in one's faith. They get to explore their own convictions and beliefs as they begin to face life's challenges. They gain confidence and become secure in who they are and in their choices.

So not only do they leave HCES with the exceptional academic prerequisites for a strong future, but they also leave with some sense of who they are as a person and the excitement to seek who they can become.

Our future leaders are made from the students of today who have the confidence and the inspiration to make a difference for tomorrow.

Mallory and Mike Harrell
Parents of Bennett, Hayes and Shelby Harrell