The Krizners

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"We are more impressed than EVER with the STEM education our children are receiving at Holy Comforter Episcopal School. Recently, we accompanied our daughter to the Middle School Astronaut Challenge at the Kennedy Space Center in early February. I have to admit I was more than a bit intimidated when we arrived and realized we would be competing against top notch students from engineering magnet schools all across the southeast. While there, we met a team between our challenges that travels all around the country participating in engineering and robotics competitions. This particular team had just placed 1st in an engineering competition of 50 teams all across the Southeast - we then knew the competition would be stiff. However test after test, our kids rose to the challenge and succeeded moving into the semi-finals and then to the finals. I was simply amazed, not only by our children's passion, perseverance and hard work, but also that our well-rounded, sports playing, Latin-learning HCES students can hang with the very BEST in the STEM community. Our students are not only receiving a top notch education, but they get to be kids; they get to go to dances, study playwriting, learn about the stock market, participate in speech and debate, explore in 3D Art and more... Holy Comforter is truly one of a kind!"

Kristen and Bill Krizner
Parents of Kate (2018), Sophia (2020) and Isabella (2023)