A Welcome Letter from Head of School, Peter Klekamp

Strong academic programming is a hallmark of a Holy Comforter education. We continuously evolve our curriculum and seek out learning tools and programs that inspire our students, empower our teachers and engage the classroom.
At Holy Comforter Episcopal, we make decisions based on what is best for our students. Our child-centered approach challenges them to not only to be good students in the classroom, but to be better people in the community.  From pre-kindergarten through eighth grade, HCES children thrive in a safe, loving and nurturing environment, passionate instruction, and individualized attention. Our dedicated faculty are expert teachers who focus on the personal growth and success of each child.  We live out our mission every day by guiding and directing growth academically, emotionally, and spiritually.
At HCES we challenge ourselves as educators to challenge each student to grow and become better.  We value the relationships that are formed with our parent community so that we can work together for the best interest of the child.  After working in two K-12 schools it is clearly evident to me that the Pre-K through 8th grade program is the absolute best educational model. We take pride in our graduates being overly prepared to be successful in high school and as a parent, there is great value in having your teenager transition “under your roof” before going off to college.
Our parents have one thing in common – they want what is best for their children.  We hope that you will explore our website, but more importantly visit our campus, so that you have a better sense of what makes us unique as a school community.
I look forward to meeting you in person and allowing our students to introduce Holy Comforter Episcopal School to your family.  My door is always open!
Most Sincerely,
Peter M. Klekamp
Head of School

Holy Comforter Episcopal School holds the longest and highest accreditation in Tallahassee

Tane Bonham, FCIS Chair

From the moment we stepped on campus, we could feel your mission and your sense of call. One of the highest compliments we can give is that every one of us with children came out the the classrooms saying, ‘Gosh, we wish our children could go here.’ It’s the type of teaching, the methodology, the nurturing environment, the caring and that’s a high compliment. If we want our students here, then all students should be here.

Secretary DeVos, Press Conference

I think they’re examples of what a lot of schools should aspire to be and look for opportunities to become more innovative.

Secretary DeVos, Wall Street Journal

They (HCES) started STEM programs before STEM became the cool thing to do. It was just great to visit a variety of the classrooms and see some of the fun things that they are doing to get the kids interested.
Holy Comforter Episcopal School is so loved by the students that the children refer to it as “Holy Comfortable".