Portrait of a Graduate

Portrait of a Graduate

At Holy Comforter, we provide an education that prepares students to make a difference in their community by nourishing the spirit, challenging the mind, and strengthening the body in a Christian environment.  Below are traits and skills that have been instilled a Holy Comforter graduate upon graduation.
Without the expectations of a specific high school, our graduates are confidently prepared to succeed in every school across our community. In addition, being “at the top” allows our 8th graders to take on roles and opportunities that set them up to be leaders.

Holy Comforter Graduates...

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  • Character

    • Holy Comforter Graduates...
    • ...know that outcomes are changed through perseverance 
    • ...are critical thinkers and problem-solvers
    • ...strive for progress, not perfection
    • ...are life-long learners
    • ...know how to study effectively
    • ...possess the tools for self-driven success
    • ...have explored their personal values and belief
    • ...are equipped with the tools for self-driven success
    • ...act with honor and integrity
  • Inner Awareness

    • Holy Comforter Graduates...
    • ...take ownership of their learning 
    • ...know that transitions are a part of life that can be mastered through practice
    • ...know the value of hard work and grit
    • ...leave confident with the ability and motivation to be leaders from within
    • ...are confident public speakers
    • ...know that growth comes through failure
    • ...know they are valued for who they are
    • ...understand the importance of self-reflection
    • ...identify their own process, realizing and working within their strengths
  • Outward Awareness

    • Holy Comforter Graduates...
    • ...value and accept others - including those new and different than themselves
    • compassion and understand that a little kindness goes a long way
    • ...effectively communicate with peers and adults
    • ...can formulate and support an argument through written and verbal ...communication
    • ...value the process as they work towards the end product 
    • well in teams and value other’s opinions
    • ...self-advocate, not scared to ask for help, but see it as a sign of success and leadership
    • ...are willing to take the initiative when they see a need
    • ...serve others unselfishly

Portrait of a Graduate

Our graduates call Holy Comforter home. Our alumni enter high school prepared and confident for the next challenges that await them. The high school Class of 2018 boasted 77% graduating with honors from their school, including a valedictorian. But during their HCES reunion on campus last spring, the class wanted to swing on the playground and sing songs in chapel. They wanted to write well wishes on the whiteboard of their favorite teachers and visit their old locker. On this campus, they felt childlike again, safe and secure, known and loved. We invite all of our alumni back home again, where, even for a moment, they can re-capture what it feels like to be a part of “Holy Comfortable.”

In Their Words...

We asked local high school administrators to share their perspective on our graduates as they enter their high school programs.

Where our graduates go to High School (Freshman Class placements over past three years)

Chiles, JPII, Leon, Lincoln, Maclay and more...

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  • 22%

  • 76%

  • 2%


College Matriculation

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  • Auburn University

  • Belmont University

  • Berry College

  • College of Charleston

  • College of William & Mary

  • Duke University

  • Emory University

  • Flagler College

  • Florida A&M University

  • Florida Atlantic University

  • Florida Southern University

  • Florida State University

  • Furman University

  • Georgia Tech

  • John Hopkins University

  • New York University

  • Randolph Macon College

  • Savannah College of Design

  • Spring Hill College

  • Stetson University

  • Troy University

  • University of Alabama

  • University of Central Florida

  • University of Colorado

  • University of Florida

  • University of Georgia

  • University of Michigan

  • University of Mississippi

  • University of Texas

  • University of Virginia

  • University of Washington

  • Wabash College

  • Wake Forest University

Statistics & Noteworthy Facts

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  • Alumna Jane Darby Menton was named a 2015 Rhodes Scholar.

  • In 2018, our rising freshman chose to attend Chiles High School, John Paul Catholic II, Leon High School, Lincoln High School, Maclay

  • Alumna Kirsten Huffer was selected as a 2018 Fulbright Scholar.

  • Overall, 77% of the 2018 High School graduates who attended Holy Comforter (8th grade class of 2014) graduated with honors from their respective high schools.

  • The 2018 valedictorian from JPII, the 2013 valedictorian from Lincoln High School and the 2012 and 2011 valedictorians from Maclay School were HCES graduates.

  • The freshman and sophomore class president at Leon High School are HCES graduates

  • 99% of HCES graduates enter an honors track in high school

  • 99% pass rate end of course exams