Service is at the heart of our mission.

Our outreach program gives students opportunities to experience faith in action as we partner with local organizations to support others in need. Lower and Middle School Student Council and Middle School National Junior Honor Society help to organize and facilitate the projects.

Annual Outreach Projects

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  • Canned Food Drive and Disaster Relief

  • Guardian Ad Litem Christmas Gifts

  • Partnerships with local community groups

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    Program (Teen Activity, Religion, Guidance, Exploration & Teamwork)
The purpose of our Middle School TARGET program is to provide a forum to address the wide range of issues that are relevant to middle school students and critical to a well-rounded education.

Meet Our Guidance Team

At Holy Comforter, three counselors serve the students, teachers, and families. Through guidance classes in the lower school, the TARGET programs in the middle school, consultation with parents and teachers, 1:1 and small group meetings, and parent workshops, a personal rapport is built with families to help each student.

Our program provides tools students can draw upon in the classroom and in life. Character education begins with the basics in the lower grades guiding students through topics like friendship and feelings, communication, handling stress, changing friendships, and failure. In middle school, character education focuses on the power of words, ethics, leadership, self-confidence, failure and perseverance, gratitude and community service. We have a culture where children grow and develop in an emotionally safe environment, they are known by name, and they are loved for their individuality.


The guidance team works closely with parents, teachers, and students to help each child achieve their academic best. Time management, organization, and learning how to study are at the heart of the program. One method does not work for every student. When difficulties arise, we are there to help create a plan to meet the needs of the individual learner.

Social Interaction and Character Development

As students grow, social pressures and friendships take on greater importance to the student. Learning how to navigate changing friendships can be difficult at times. We understand that friendship offers opportunities for students to strengthen their values, appreciate differences, develop communication skills, and stand up for what they believe. Character education drives the guidance program at HCES.

Emotional Well Being

Emotional health is important for people of all ages. Our counselors work with parents and teachers to be aware of changing emotional needs of the students and provide insight and resources as needed.
We work to have relationships with all students by being out and about campus quite often – whether in the classrooms, on the playgrounds, in the hallways, at lunch, or during countless other opportunities. We love interacting with the students and getting to know them so that if/when the need arises, the student feels comfortable talking with the counselor.


The guidance team communicates closely with families and recognizes that each grade level presents its own challenges. We continuously strive to work with our students and parents to meet these various challenges and create smooth transitions from grade to grade.

During the middle school years, this process includes preparing our students for the upcoming transition to high school. While it may be daunting to think of life after Holy Comforter, we take great pride in seeing our graduates leave HCES with the skills necessary to excel in high school and beyond.
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This I Believe...

Each year, our 8th-grade students participate in a reflective writing project, "This I Believe" essays.  The essays are based on the 1950's radio series of the same name, in which individuals from all walks of life wrote and shared essays that discussed how their past experiences shaped their core values today. Students are challenged to write a personal narrative essay, which traces back to an experience that influenced the formation of one of their guiding personal values.

“This I Believe” is about the values we hold dear – the moments that teach us who we are. Every 8th-grade student shares their essay aloud in Chapel. We believe that it is important not only to identify your core values but also to share them with others.  Parents are invited to attend and hear their child share the life experiences that have shaped their beliefs. Students ring “Penny,” our school bell, at the completion of this meaningful tradition.