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Holy Comforter partners with Flik Independent School Dining to provide lunch service for students on campus. Flik is the market leader in independent school dining, currently serving over 248 private and independent schools. Their mantra is Nourishing A Brighter Future. Flik starts with fresh, whole ingredients and prepares its menu items from scratch. School menus, which will feature local and sustainable items, will be created at our campus, specifically designed for our school community.

On this page, you will find all you need to learn about Flik Dining including links to menus, frequently asked questions, pricing, ways to create your account and more.
For your convenience and to eliminate the need for carrying cash, we offer a declining balance program for lunch purchases. Funds may be added for your students by logging into your My School Bucks account, which can be accessed via the app or
To set up a My School Bucks account:
  • Go to
  • Select Florida from the list of available states
  • For District, select Holy Comforter Episcopal School
  • Enter your contact information
  • Create a login ID and password
  • Add your child to the account by entering their name and date of birth
Account features include:
  • Check account balance
  • View Café purchases
  • Set up automatic payments
  • View payment history
  • Low balance notification
The maximum amount you can add to your student’s account is $150. If you choose not to put the maximum amount on your child’s account, $50 is suggested as a minimum amount.
If you do not plan to purchase lunches through Flik at this time, we encourage you to still create an account. You may fund it later if the need arises.
My School Bucks charges $2.75 per transaction. Instead of paying the service charge per transaction, you can purchase a membership option called One Pay. The membership charges a set for a calendar year and you can add money to your account as often as you would like without paying any additional transaction fees. The membership cost is $12.95 for one child or $26.95 for two children or more. You can only pay for the membership with an e-check and not a credit card.
Each student has a FLIK PIN assigned uniquely to them. Their PIN can be located on the students’ contact card on the student’s profile page. The student will use their PIN at the register to pay for their lunch. Please help your student memorize their PIN.
At the end of the year, the lunch balance rolls over to the next year. If you child graduates, you will have the option to transfer your graduate’s balance to a younger sibling, contribute to the annual fund, or be refunded. For those students leaving at the end of the school year, if you student’s balance is less than $10, it will be contributed to the annual fund and you will receive a credit for the donation.

Meet Chef Dan

Chef Daniel Pagan joined the HCES Flik team in the fall of 2020 and leads our wonderful kitchen staff each day preparing lunches for our community.  

Dan Pagan grew up in the kitchen with his family and developed a love for cooking and food from an early age. From picking vegetables in his grandparents' garden to math lessons with his mom over baking, being in the kitchen comes naturally to Chef Dan. He began his career working in restaurants 19 years ago and graduated from the Florida Culinary Institute with a degree in Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management. Over the years he has worked in a variety of food service jobs, from fine dining to high-end catering to casual mom and pop, and most recently he ran the kitchen at the CMX movie theatre. He even owned his own restaurant and catering company for 5 years. 

In his spare time, Chef Dan enjoys spending time outdoors, including hiking with his family and dogs, camping, kayaking, and fishing. He looks forward to family dinners each Sunday where he and his brother cook for their families together.

Meal Plan Payment Link

FLIK Lunch Pricing

Each Meal Deal includes an entrée, two sides, dessert, and a drink.

Meal Deal Pricing

PK3 & PK4: $6.00
Kindergarten - 5th Grade: $7.25
6th - 8th Grade: $7.50
Adults: $7.50

Additional a la carte items are available.
a la carte Pricing
Entree - $4.25
Water or Milk - $2
Fountain Drink - $2.50
Desserts, Chips, Fruit - $1.75
Soup, Side Salad - $2.50

Full Year Meal Plans
PK  $935
Grades K-5 $1150
Grades 6-8  $1190

Includes one entree, two side items, dessert and water or milk.
If you sign your child up for the meal plan and they want additional a la carte items, you will need to utilize the My School Bucks account for the declining balance for those additional items.

PK Lunch Order Forms

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Contact Chef Dan or email him at

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