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    *4th Grade - Mission San Luis Field Trip

    Mission San Luis
    Contact: Karen Wells
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    School Visit/Tour

    Call 850-383-1007 or email Nena Martinez to schedule a personal tour at your convenience!  School visits are scheduled most school days between 8am and 3pm.  We can't wait to meet you!
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    *High School Overview Meeting

    Media Center
    Contact: Lisa Butera

    *Kindergarten Field Trip - Aunt Louise's Farm

    Aunt Louise's Farm
    Contact: Shelley Brimacombe

    *Centercourt Chapel

    Student Center
    Contact: Brenda Hagen
  3. 7

    *2nd Grade Field Trip - The Capitol

    The Capitol
    Contact: Tammy Carpenter

    *Middle School - PB & J Lunch

    Student Center Lobby
    Contact: Claudia Arakelian

    *2nd Grade - Red, White & Blue Picnic Celebration

    LS Picnic tables
    Contact: Tammy Carpenter
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    *Mommy & Me

    A creative enrichment class offered to mothers and their children ages 2-3 in the Tallahassee community.  This outreach class is offered free of charge to 15 families each session, and the classes are led by our Preschool and Special Area teachers from 11:00am - 11:45am  Lessons will include movement, music, and art activities developmentally appropriate for toddlers and moms. 
    Registration is online. For more information, contact Nena Martinez.

    Pep Rally

    Ryan Snowden
  5. 9

    *Lower School Field Day

    Athletic Fields
    Contact: Bridgette Gonzalez
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    *Yearbook Photo Make-Up Day

    Student Center

    *Lower School Student Council Meeting

    Room 408
    Contact: Brenda Hagen
  3. 15

    *3rd Grade Field Trip - Joe Budd

    Joe Budd
    Contact: Sarah Bowersox
  4. 16

    *5th Grade - Thanksgiving Break-Feast

    Student Center
    Contact: Marci Russell

    *PreK3 Thanksgiving Feast

    Bldg. 8 Activity Room
    Contact: Kari Follick

    *1st Grade - Thanksgiving Party


    *Cureton - Thanksgiving Feast

    Room 607
    Contact: Jen Cureton

    *Kindergarten - Thanksgiving Feast

    Kindergarten Classrooms
    Contact: Shelley Brimacombe

    *PK4 Thanksgiving Feast

    Bldg. 8 Activity Room
    Contact: Allison Manausa

    *4th Grade - Thanksgiving Soup

    4th Grade Classrooms
    Contact: Karen Wells

    *3rd Grade: Thanksgiving Feast

    Student Center
    Contact: Sarah Bowersox

    *2nd Grade - Thanksgiving Snack


    *Carpenter - Thanksgiving Party

    Room 601
    Contact: Tammy Carpenter
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    *1st Grade Field Trip - Challenger Center

    Challenger Learning Center
    Contact: Courtney Jewell

    *Band/Guitar Christmas Concert

    HC Church / Parrish Hall
    Contact: Andy Nathan
  3. 30

    *PreK4 Dental Presentation

    Bldg. 8 Activity Room
    Contact: Allison Manausa

    *PK4 Dino Dig

    Bldg. 8 Playground
    Contact: Michele Proctor

    *Middle School Spelling Bee

    HC Church
    Contact: Christina Wiggins
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