Grandpeople's Day

Grandpeople's Day, November 21, 2023

Grandpeople are special at HCES and students look forward to having these individuals visit campus each year. PK3-8th grade students welcome these special visitors for a day of student performances and classroom visits as well as refreshments and special activities.

The event will take place at HCES on Tuesday, November 21 in the Student Center (gym).

PK3-1st grade will begin its performance at 8:30 am. The 2nd-5th grade will begin their performance at 9:30 am. Middle School will meet their Grandpeople at 11:20 am for Bingo in The Commons

Handicap parking will be available via the Welaunee Road entrance. We will also have golf carts available to transport Grandpeople from the Bell Tower to the Student Center.

We will have light refreshments for Grandpeople, and Grandpeople are welcome to check out their child from school after the performance. We look forward to welcoming our Grandpeople on campus!

Grandpeople's Day Registration 2023

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