It is no secret that the workplace and jobs have changed drastically over the last 25 years, and the same rate of change will continue into our children’s futures. Our connected, global world calls for different types of learning structures and newly designed curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

When students can see, touch, manipulate, and modify materials, they are constructing new understandings about their world. With scaffolding and guidance, our students develop ownership of their learning and develop the desire to explore, investigate, and understand their world. We strongly believe that when students have opportunities to explore the world around them through hands-on experiences, we are helping them build a strong educational foundation that will last a lifetime.

Academic training that emphasizes innovation, collaboration, communication and the development of unique and creative solutions to problems is more important and relevant than ever. At HCES, we have taken aggressive steps to ensure the education we provide will be relevant by infusing 21st century skills and STEM programming into our curriculum.
Our goal is to ensure that what children learn at HCES will prepare them for participation in the complex digital, global and highly interconnected society they will encounter, as well as equip them to lead it.
  • Child-friendly, developmentally appropriate curriculum
  • An environment that promotes cognitive, social and emotional growth and development through hands-on experiences that allow for exploration and meaningful play
  • Children are happy, confident, and energetic
  • Highly experienced and certified teachers
  • Art, music, physical education, STEM, Spanish and library classes are taught by specialist teachers
  • Chapel three days a week, and devotions in the classroom
  • Daily instruction employs current, research based methodologies and focuses on students’ academic, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth
  • Current textbooks and access to state-of-the-art technology support instruction
  • Highly trained, experienced faculty
  • Instruction in reading, language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, and religion
  • Specialist teachers provide instruction in art, music, performing arts, physical education, technology, media, and foreign languages
  • Students are given opportunities to be leaders in the classroom and outside the classroom through student government, leading Chapel, greeting visitors and outreach service projects
  • Students are challenged to think “outside the box“ and be confident in their ability to question, examine, and learn through problem solving activities
  • Rigorous academics engage students in meaningful, relevant learning experiences
  • Students learn through tackling difficult, multi-faceted questions through STEM, understanding how technology can be utilized as an effective learning tool and developing the 21st century skills of communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and information literacy
  • Advanced Math, Physical Education/Health, and Foreign Language classes provide opportunities for earning high school credits.
  • Week long classes during ACE week focus on careers and how they relate to class work
  • Over 20 elective classes offered ranging from theatre to the stock market
  • A varied clubs program enables students to explore the creative, athletic, intellectual, and artistic aspects of their developing persona
  • 11 organized after-school sports
  • National Junior Honor Society
  • TARGET Advisory program helps students develop a clearer understanding of who they are through participation in self-discovery activities, instruction in specific life skills, religion class, small group discussion and service opportunities
  • Chapel designed for Middle School students, Bible study, weekly devotions
  • Kindness, service, patience, humility, generosity, altruism, self-reliance and individual responsibility are themes that are infused into every aspect of student life
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