Statement of Philosophy

It is the belief that Holy Comforter Episcopal School, Inc. that the education of the total child best takes place in an environment, which is centered in, and supported by, the love of Jesus Christ. We recognize that each student is a unique creation of God.  It is our purpose to accept him as such. We strive to help each child accept a realistic view of his/her talents and abilities, while encouraging the child to develop a personal relationship with God. The school is committed to providing an education to students of diverse cultural or religious backgrounds, races, and economic levels.
Within the context of the student’s development level, we strive to instill those habits and attitudes conducive to responsible behavior, desirable human relations, and maturity. We are pledged to maintain a high scholastic standard and to equip each student with an intellectual curiosity and self-esteem enabling him to achieve his maximum potential.
Our academic goals are directed toward providing our students with opportunities to acquire an education that includes basic skills, knowledge of decision making, citizenship, moral and ethical conduct, mental, physical, and emotional health, scientific and cultural appreciation, and environmental and economic understanding. We seek to take advantage of resources of other learning centers in our area, as well as to keep open lines of communication with other schools.
With our philosophy as a foundation, the school works as a unified body to provide quality education in a Christian atmosphere. Accountability is maintained to the community it serves, while maximum interaction is encouraged among staff, students, parents and the Holy Comforter parish family.

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  • Application of Philosophy

    The philosophy of Holy Comforter Episcopal School, Inc. is integrated into every aspect of the life of the school. The philosophy provides the foundation piece in the creation and development of all school programs.
    The faculty reviews the philosophy during preplanning for each academic year. The philosophy is published in front of every faculty and student handbook. The school community is familiar with the philosophy of the school.
  • Episcopal Identity

    The Episcopal Church encourages respect for the other person’s beliefs. An Episcopal School will not dis- criminate on the basis of race, creed, or national origin, and actively seeks faculty and students of diverse backgrounds and traditions in the belief that they bring something to be valued and respected, and because we seek to be broadly inclusive of the community we serve. An Episcopal School will look for the values that unite people rather than those that divide, and not allow factionalism to undermine the life of the whole. The unity of an Episcopal School is based on rite and tradition rather than doctrine. In an Episcopal School there will likely be no single dogma to which we all subscribe, no list of rules that define who we must be as a community. An Episcopal School points to its own rites and traditions without getting stuck in them, recog- nizing that these embody the common values of school community. While its worship and rituals may derive from The Book of Common Prayer, every member of the community is invited to join in celebrating the life of the community. There is a sacramental principle which we hold dear: God makes sacred the things of this world as they are offered to God in worship. Students and staff should have the opportunity to experience the best of Episcopal worship if they are to understand the heart of the Church’s teaching.

    Christian Education is taught at Holy Comforter Episcopal School, Inc. through various modes. In all areas of school life including classroom instruction, athletic practices and competitions, and school special events, Christian values, beliefs and traditions are integrated. Teachers and staff also reinforce Christian principles through the selected system of discipline, “The I Care Rules,” and the school’s Honor Code. Students in all grades receive daily religious instruction through participation in regular chapel services and specific classroom religious curriculum. Additionally, students are given special instruction and participate in ritual traditions during selected religious holidays.
    Teachers and staff reinforce Christian values and beliefs through their delivery of curriculum and implementation of daily routines. On non-chapel days, classroom teachers provide religious instruction and prayer time for their students.  Primarily, the resources for classrooms at the lower school level are the ELEVATE curriculum, The Family Story Bible by Ralph Milton and the NIV Student Bible. Mrs. Amy Vernon, the Director of Spiritual Development, uses a variety of resources to provide middle school classroom lessons. Teachers also use additional age-appropriate resources to supplement the religious curriculum in classroom instruction.
    In addition to classroom lessons and chapel services, students in grades 4 through 8 attend once per week religion classes taught by our faculty. The 4th grade curriculum focuses on Old Testament stories through Bible readings, stories, and class activities. The 5th grade religion classes study the life of Jesus through Bible readings, film, activities, and discussion. The middle school (6th – 8th grades) religion classes are on a three year curriculum rotation which includes a survey of the Old Testament focusing on Old Testament personalities and the relationship between God and the people of Israel, a study of the teachings of Jesus through His parables, and an exploration of the foundations of the Christian Church as described in Acts and the writings of the Apostle Paul.

    Chapel services are held three times per week for the lower school and two times per 6-day cycle for middle school. Center Court Chapel brings together grades 2-8 for a shared chapel service once a month and is an important part of a community building.
    Lower school chapel services are held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. A special children’s liturgical service was written for the children of Holy Comforter School. During the first semester of school, topics in chapel are taken from the Old Testament. With the beginning of Advent season, the focus for chapel changes to the New Testament. Members of the Administration and the Director of Spiritual Development plan the schedule of topics for the chapel services. Lower School Head, Mrs. Brenda Hagen, and Religious Life Director, Mrs. Amy Vernon lead chapel on Mondays. Head of School Peter Klekamp leads lower school services on Wednesdays and, on a rotating basis, the students and teachers lead services on Fridays. The services include prayers, liturgy, songs, and a short homily. On Fridays, the students lead the prayers and liturgical responses and  present Biblical messages through drama, singing and role-plays.
    Middle school chapels are held on days 1 and 4 of the middle school 6-day cycle. Services reflect the tradition of the lower school service liturgy while incorporating elements that reflect the growing maturity of middle school students including a statement of faith written by Holy Comforter middle school students.  Mrs. Amy Vernon, Mr. Peter Klekamp, and middle school faculty lead middle school chapels with frequent participation of the middle school students on a volunteer basis.  
    As a vital part of the relationship between the students and the church, Holy Comforter Church Rector Father Jerry Smith participates in many chapel services leading both lower school and middle school chapels on a once per month basis.  Father Jerry also facilitates Ash Wednesday services and the school Eucharist services throughout the year.
    Parents and extended family are invited to attend all chapel services.

    Students at Holy Comforter Episcopal School are encouraged to walk out their faith though various service projects including opportunities to serve those within our school, the parish and the community. Each year, the lower and middle school student governments and the middle school Beta Club/National Junior Honor Society facilitate service projects to be conducted throughout the year.
    Recent service projects include:

    • Annual participation in Christmas program for teenagers in Independent Living
    • Coats for Kids
    • Food drive for The Episcopal Church of the Holy Comforter food closet
    • Packages for military personnel
    • Valentines for Veterans
    • Visiting local nursing homes
    • Christmas gifts and contributions to Grace Mission
    • School supplies drive for churches and organizations that serve children in developing countries
    • Raising funds for Miracle Fields
    • The Shoebox Project
    • Middle School ACE Week Class “Mission Possible”
  • Commendations

    • The Religious education program supports both the mission and philosophy of the school.
    • Christian values and beliefs are reflected and reinforced in all areas of school life including classroom instruction, athletic practices and competitions, and school special events.
    • An appreciation for and knowledge of Biblical history and literature is balanced by relating Bible stories and concepts to the students’ daily experiences.
    • Religion classes expose older students to more intensive study and analysis of the scriptures in a systematic and age-appropriate manner.
    • All students attend chapel services.
    • Chapel services are modified to reflect the developmental needs of the students.
    • An appreciation and knowledge of Biblical history and literature is balanced by relating Bible stories and concepts to the students’ daily lives.
    • Participation in the chapel services allows students to develop leadership skills and greater confidence when in front of a group.
    • Parents and extended families enjoy being part of chapel services.
    • Chapels reinforce fundamental Christian values and beliefs.
    • Chapels support character education.
    • Center Court Chapel builds community and enables students and faculty to worship together and celebrate students’ accomplishments.
    • School service projects provide numerous opportunities for students to give back to the school and community. 

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