6th Grade Planetariums

6th grade students spent several weeks during science class working in groups of 3-4 to make planetariums of one of the seasons' night skies. 
About 10 constellations can be viewed in each planetarium. Each of the students are becoming a mini-expert on one of the included constellations. After transferring the constellations from a paper 1-inch-by-1-inch grid to the plastic sheet's 1-foot-by-1-foot grid, the students poked holes where the constellations' major stars can be seen. The students then put in a 'tunnel' for the fan (which will inflate the planetarium) and a door for easy access. Each 10-foot by 10-foot planetarium will hold about 10 seated students. Once inside, the holes that were punched look like stars in the sky!
Lower School classes were offered chance to take tours of the night sky. 21 tours were scheduled in all and the Middle School students lead the groups on a 5 minute tour, each telling about 'their' constellation. Hands-on learning at its best!
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