Fine Arts

We believe that students can discover a life long appreciation for the arts through participation. Students are enabled to pursue their optimum competence in the visual arts, vocal and instrumental music, and performing arts.
  • Students develop an awareness of their own talents and the talents of others through a sequenced course of study
  • PK3 - 8th grade are taught the elements and principles of design through hands-on lessons
  • Students have the opportunity to participate in art competitions and shows throughout the area
  • Students in PK3 – 5th grade meet and exceed nationally recognized music standards
  • Lower School students participate in annual musical productions
  • Students play a variety of Orff instruments, world drums, and non pitched percussion instruments
  • Band students perform and compete in a variety of capacities at school wide events and through off campus performances, competitions and camps
  • Musical Theatre is an elective class open to Middle School students and produces one Jr. Broadway show each year
  • Middle School chooses from a variety of electives in the arts, both visual and performing.
Lower School Art
Self-expression through the Visual Arts is an opportunity for students to investigate their unique gifts and talents. Our art program is designed to build confidence and encourage creative thinking through a variety of mediums and activities. The multi-media curriculum develops an understanding of each of the basic elements and principles of art, as well as size and special relationships, background consideration, contrast, and color combinations. Our students develop personal proficiency as they experiment with different media including, drawing, painting, graphics, collage, and sculpture.
The focus of the program is on elements and principles of artistic design. Fundamental skills and processes are stressed rather than end products. Materials and mediums are selected based upon appropriate developmental practices. Project selection is motivated by a desire to adhere to a cross-curricular approach to learning. Themes for units of study in other subject areas are integrated into the program. "Art Masters" is an important component of the program and provides an opportunity for students to develop an appreciation for the artistic works and styles of selected artists throughout history. The art teachers regularly submit student work to local contests and exhibits.

Middle School Art
Middle School art is designed to build on the knowledge and skills students learned in Lower School, while preparing them for more advanced art in Upper School. HCES Middle School Students will create art projects using a variety of techniques and media, as well as discuss artists and art movements. Media and techniques may include watercolor, acrylic and/or oil paint, tempera paint, printmaking, ceramics, drawing, mixed media and chalk. Students will continue to build their art vocabulary, including the elements and principles of design. Principles of art criticism will also be introduced as students begin to describe and analyze works of art. The course will help students to appreciate their own art talent, as well as the role of art in our society and history. Our students of art will develop creative skills and form aesthetic judgments through several middle school art electives; such as Advertising and Design, Drawing and Painting, and Middle School 3D Art. Each elective is in place as a choice for students to expand their right-brain creativity.
Lower School Band
The Lower School Bands are after school programs involving 3rd-5th grade students. These bands are for students with no prior experience. Students learn the basic fundamentals for their instrument including: care, fingerings, rhythms, breath support, and tone quality. The Lower School Advanced Band continues the progression made in the beginning band. All Lower School Bands perform at the Christmas and Spring Concerts, as well as other opportunities throughout the year.
Middle School Band
The Band program is an elective available for students in 6th-8th grade. Students with no prior experience are encouraged to join. The Middle School Band performs for school functions such as Pep Rallies, as well as District Solo/Ensemble Festival. Students in the Middle School Band develops the skills that prepare them for participation in high school band programs and a lifetime of musical enjoyment and involvement.
Lower School Music and Musical Theater
All students are exposed to a broad variety of musical experiences as well as provided with a foundation of musical skills that will help them develop a lifelong enjoyment of music. Students are engaged in a wide variety of activities designed to teach the National Music Education Standards through singing, playing instruments, improvisation, movement, listening activities and performance. Our classroom instruments include non-pitched percussion (tambourines, hand drums, maracas, lummi sticks, etc.), pitched percussion (xylophones, metallophones, bass bars and glockenspiels), flutophones, soprano and alto recorders as well as tubanos, djembes and other World Music Drumming instruments. Performance is a key component in our arts program. Students share their gift of song throughout the year at special chapel programs as well as Grandpeoples Day, Christmas programs and a grade level musical.

Middle School Musical Theater
Opening Night is a Middle School Elective available for students in grades 6 – 8. Students learn the major components of theatre production from script to stage including auditions and casting, lighting, costumes and makeup, theatre technology, directing, marketing, set design and a wide range of acting techniques. Each year culminates with a Broadway show collaboratively produced by the students and performed for school and community.
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