School Life

From artistic and athletic pursuits to learning openness, leadership and responsibility for others, our co-curricular and after-school programs and clubs offer Holy Comforter Episcopal School students many opportunities to further develop their interests and talents, and build a stronger community together. Classes and clubs in art, cooking, theater, music, robotics, and sports in our state-of-the-art facilities further support learning each day.

Holy Comforter Athletics

Beyond acquiring sport skills, students participating in our competitive athletics leagues learn the value of perseverance, commitment, leadership, team spirit, initiative, courage and respect for themselves and others.

Extended Day

Learning, understanding, and discovering new talents for students of Holy Comforter Episcopal School extends far beyond the school day.
Extended Day

Holy Comforter Arts

We believe that our students become more adept learners, passionate problem-solvers, and, most importantly, culturally aware citizens through their experience with the arts.